Hello all. Im looking into buying a bass and I would be an absolute beginner (I'm an intermediate level guitarist though) so I'm looking for some guidance as to what would suit me best. My playstyle would be mostly modern/classic rock. Band's like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, and some Coheed and Cambria. My closest city is Dothan, AL. Budget would be about $250 for a bass AND amp. All the amp would be for is bedroom practice. Been looking on craigslist recently to possibly find a cheap bass, but our craigslist is pretty dead. Thanks in advance guys.
While i'm a P bass guy... a Jazz bass is used by many of the bassists from the bands you mentioned> Well.. so are EBMM Stingrays, but you can find cheaper Jazz copies than 'Ray copies.

I would look for a Squire Jazz bass first and foremost. The VM and CV lines are VERY good instruments, but they would max out your budget. So, shop used. If all you can afford is a Squire Affinity Jazz, it really isn't too bad of a bass.

Aside from that, i'm a big fan of the SX basses, sold through www.rondomusic.com

They also have lil' combo amps that are just fine for bedroom practicing as well.

Good luck!
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I would also suggest a Precision bass copy (squier) or a jazz copy (squier). Either of the two are both going to be cheap so it won't be too detramental if you don't like playing bass.

Squiers aren't too bad but the strings tend to be a billion miles away from the fretboard (which you can change but it's difficult to get it right) and the parts aren't american made.
The Ibanez jumpstart set would probably work for you aswell as the ones mentioned above. It would be a bit over your budget though, but we're only talking like 50 bucks, and that shouldn't be too hard to get.
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I'll say usually the P bass comes out cheaper than the Jazz in fender and squier stuff usually by a bit if that helps. The guys you like may play a wide range of things, but as we usually tell people a bass is a bass and can play just about any genre fine. A p bass is as versatile as you make it, but also is great for beginners as a nearly every bassist professional or otherwise owns one, so the tone is unforgettable and makes it very easy to get a set and forget tone you like, and start practicing with. I am willing to bet your local pawn shops each have a couple Squier P basses and maybe Peavey Foundations etc for $150 or less. Affinities resale value is hot air, if you see one in a pawn shop haggle til you get it for $75 or at least under $100, less if it's got issues, and point them out, loose knobs etc are easy cheap fixes that are great to point out to get a better deal. Also you might mention you're wanting an amp too and willing to buy both for a good deal. Then get a cable and tuner and start playing.