Ok, so I am attempting to choose between the following:

M-Audio Fast Track USB + SM58
(approx £150)


Tascam DP-004
(approx £140, with adapter)

For my current budget this is pretty much all I can spend on recording gear. Student and all.
Pros of M-Audio + SM58 =

I can record mostly anything
it will go directly to my computer without any hassle (hopefully)
I will have an SM58. I do not currently own a microphone.

Cons =

No portability.
I have heard both good and bad things about the M-Audio.
Marginally the more expensive option
not sure about the audio quality of the M-Audio

Pros of the Tascam DP-004

If I want to record stuff "outside", or at band practice, or on the move, or if I just get an idea on the way home from uni, I can.
Straightforward (I hate messing around in DAWs unless completely necessary)
Can use it as a "scratchpad" and record my shit right onto it, building layer by layer
Never seen a bad review
Built in condenser mics which, I have on good authority, are VERY good for their price.


Makes the issue of mastering a little more of a hassle
Only 4 tracks at a time

Can anyone add to this and help me make a decision? Thanks in advance.