I'm learning about preamps. I'm interested in the JMP-1. I have a Marshall AVT50. Can I run a preamp through it? Is this even possible? Is it redundant? And say I followed through and bought one, is it plug 'n play or do I need to buy something to power it; is that what a poweramp is for? I know nothing about this stuff.
Thats what I was going to do when I was thinking of getting a engl E530. It depends if it has a jack for the power amp, which my peavey basic does.
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When you say a power supply, you mean this?


Or a power cable? (I shoulda'bn a drummer)

not entirely sure most likely a power cable but i wouldnt quote me on that one
wait thats a power amp isnt it no you don tneed that if your runign it through the fx in you avt amp

a power amp isnt supposed to give you power as in electricity its suposed to make the signal strong enough to power a speaker

waht your doing is
guitar>jmp>avt fx loop in>speaker
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