So quick story i have an esp ltd ex 50 i am aware it is a cheapish guitar but i love it? and i wanna put an dimarzio x2n in do I do it? i use loads of amps as i play at many different places and i just wanna upgrade it! cos i should be getting a fender mex standard strat soon but use this guitar for metal
all help would be appreciated thanks veryy much...
Can you do it? Yes
Should you do it? Up to you.
Maybe check out these pickups so you could replace both pickups and be out about the same money for the one DiMarzio.
You might like these ones
or these
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I've got a Peavey Raptor Pro EXP, nice $130 guitar, put a Seymour Duncan lipstick in I got from a friend cause it's my first guitar.

It's all up to you, are you gonna keep it as your favorite guitar?
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Well I'm all for changing pickups but i don't recommend the X2N. It does a lot of sounds nicely. Doesn't really sound all that good for anything. Quite muddy for high gain stuff and not crisp enough for classic rock / lower gain stuff.
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