Wah Dunlop, Large Beaver fuzz from 'build your own clone', Ibanez TS808 (or clone), Delay TC electronic flashback, Corona Chorus TC Electronic. That'll get you a vast array of sounds to cover most genre's. Replace the large beaver fuzz with a metal pedal of your choice if your into metal.
I guess this would be the wishlist for ones I don't already have:
Univox Superfuzz
Arbiter Fuzz Face
Electro Harmonix Polychorus
Ibanez TS808
RMC Wheels of Fire
Analogman Peppermint Fuzz
Okko Dominator
Blackout Whetstone
Diamond Memory Lane Jr.
We've dressed up in our best...

...and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.

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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

Any as in total pedal wish list? Ok here goes...

Keeley katana
TS808 (probably with the Keeley mods)
Strymon El Capistan or Timeline (haven't really gotten to the bottom of that one)
Strymon Blue Sky
Arenalinn III