Well, here's my first thread, and I hope I get some good answers.

I was wondering how much it costs to get the nut of a guitar replaced/put in professionally. I have one more spare and I believe the one I've tried replacing myself is beyond saving. I need help! I've searched all over the internet and found nothing on the matter in my area! (I live in Canada, btw). Please help. I appreciate any and all responses.

- Mike
I also live in Canada (Goderich, Ontario). There is very skilled luthier here that will replace your nut for about 20 bucks (includes the cost of the nut, cost more for a bone or graphite one) I have had two replaced and he does a very good quality job.

edit: Here is his website: http://www.houseguitars.com/
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I needed my guitar setup (neck was twisted and I had high frets). I decided to replace the nut too and they only charged me for the part. The setup cost around $75. They changed the strings, filed smoothed rough and high fretts, set the action and intonation, etc. The nut cost $13 or so for a graphite/teflon infused type.