A while ago I bought a Z Vex Distortron pedal and a Tube overdrive TO1 pedal from delta lab.

I have two different solid state amplifiers. one's from fender and the other is a marshal, and when I set these pedals up using one amplifier or the other (only one pedal at a time), Everything is fine for about 1-2 minutes, during which the pedal I'm using combined with the amps allows for a smooth milky like overdrive that sounds very plesant.

After the 2 minutes (without me adjusting anything on my guitar, cables, amp or the pedals) the sounds are increased in roughness, the nice milky warmth dissapears, the tone seems to carry much more bass, and the strings produce sounds that are harsh and difficult to listen to.

Can anyone help me figure out what might be causing the pedals to decrease in sound quality and if anything can be done to keep the nice tones that so far have occured in only the first 2 minutes of playing.
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Could be the batteries. Assuming you are using them.
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Overdrive pedals aren't really made for solid state amps. The point is they push the tubes in an amp past the normal point where they start to break up and make that nice thick overdrive sound. Tube amps sound best when you're pushing them. Solid states are the opposite.

The distortion, I'm not as sure about (I'm more of a OD/fuzz kind of guy). But maybe some more info will give us a clearer picture of the issue: How many watts are the amps, and how high do you have the master volume turned to typically when this happens? How are you powering the pedals (battery v. AC adapter)? Are you running both of them at once? or running one of them, but still through the other deactivated? Is the change sudden, like good to bad immediately, or is it a gradual fade? If you deactivate the pedal and turn it back on right away, does it sound good again for another two minutes?