On the electric (or accoustic guitar) how should your arm and wrist be?
Currently I noticed when I pick individual notes my wrist is on the pick guard.
This is the guitar I have (It's my brothers). I would ask but I cant get ahold of him.
Also I noticed if I try to play to loud the pick ends up getting somewhat caught in between the strings resulting in me having pick upwards not the direction but actually lifting upwards. Is this something wrong with the angle etc? Am I playing too hard? How hard should you play?
Also should the wrist be anchored on the guitar when doing individual notes like scales and licks?
the wrist should never b anchored. i usually have mine resting on the bridge (i have a non locking trem) so its easy to PM and shit, but i can move it around. where you play is up to you, but if you cant play anywhere else then anchoring is bad.
You could angle your pick so that it's not parallel to the strings, so it 'slices' the string so it takes a lot less effort to hit the string.

Personally I find that anchoring my hand anywhere on the guitar causes unnecessary tension in the arm. It's a good idea to just hover your hand over the strings and when palm muting, make sure that you don't put pressure on your wrist.