What's up guys? I know there is already a facebook "like" thread, but this isn't metal or rock or black metal, it's hip hop and as far as i know there isn't a hip hop oriented thread, so hopefully i won't get trolled and closed.

Besides, I don't just want "likes" I want people who genuinely enjoy a nice beat and like rap music. Having one thread dedicated for people to promote their band is bollocks, anyway. Check it out>>>


I literally just started this thing so I have one unfinished beat on the table.

For fans of MF Doom/Wu Tang/Dr Dooom
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Not fast enough.. try playing this song i wrote it's called trolls delight!

heres the progression

A F Bb Gm E C D A Bm C Bm A Bm Bb Bm Cm Cb C Cbm A

played at 883 bmp change the chord every click

its pretty easy though