You are the forgotten, we are the hated.
A generation of greatness wasted.
Plastered all over the papers,
Tales of antisocial behaviour,
Followed by photos of bodies in boxes on crowded streets.
Regardless of motives I'm proud to be,
a part of the symptom and not the disease.

Anything you can do I can do better,
I can do anything better than you.
So move.

You think I'm arrogant because I've got a big mouth,
I'm the victim of a crippling self doubt.
Cancelled out,
By a nihilistic worldview,
Enlightened ignorance of everything you hold true.
So yes, I've got an attitude,
And yes I'm too big for my boots,
But at least I'm gunna fill them when the big man takes my youth.

Anything you can do…

Fatherless chavs from childless dads turn bad.
Cod-eyed worms in wife beaters dance like ****ing twats.
The cool kids escape by living in the past.
The rich kids survive by becoming what they have.
But none of us can escape the simple fact,
Have ****ed this up for us.