Hey guys, this is my first post, although I've been coming here for years.

Anyways, I have this problem where when I'm playing bass my right wrist, plucking hand for reference, locks up really bad, and I can barely play anymore. I was just playing, and after some research I can still feel the pain when I type. I think it has to do with 2 things that I found:
A: I have scoliosis which makes my back off alignment, thus causing the pain
B: I also injured my wrist about a year and a half ago when long boarding (hit a rock that got stuck on my trucks when going about 35), and my wrist has just never been the same since. It was severely fractured, and I'm pretty sure it never healed properly.

So, I was wondering if anyone had any tips/remedies/anything useful that could possibly help me overcome my injury, as me and my friends were just about to form up our band again, and this could become a major problem as we're very technical and have to rehearse for long amounts of time. (3 man trip-hop band with me on bass, guy on keys and ableton, and drummer who uses MPC when needed)
Id look into some Physical Therapy....sorry I dont have a better answer but thats probably the best route.
If you're having physical problems see a doctor. Don't take medical advice from internet forums.
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1) Always try to keep that hand relaxed as much as possible
2) Eat allot of gummy bears and gelatine stuff
3) Warm up and down before and after playing at least 5 minutes
4) Don´t keep the instrument too low
5) Put a towel soaked in 2 thirds medium hot water and 1 third vinegar on your wrist and hold it 30 mins a day like that. (do a warm up before that)

If this harmless tips don´t help I can only see a doctor helping.
^ LOL the fifth looks like the ol' granny's remedy...

yes, all that would help, but since you've come from a big injury, I think that checking it with a doctor is a must. please do, it's your health man.

hope you get better! good luck
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