So ive tried all sorts of combinations of running my boss ds-1 through my amp (which it sounds perfect through by itself) and just from guitar to the pedal to the board. It sounds congested and blown out both ways. I'm at a loss of what to do. It's not the board, it's brand new and high end. Every channel does this. Any ideas?
You can't run a guitar through a distortion pedal and then into the board. That's not how it works. Yes, you will get sound but it's going to sound terrible. I tried doing this when I first started playing and it was a nightmare. You need to run it through an amp, or some sort of amp simulator and then run it to the board.
I'm running it through an amp now, sounds the same. I found out the no amp thing didn't work the last time I posted on here lol
I would guess that the pedal just doesn't sound good.
What amp are you playing through?
Generally pedals sound bad directly into a soundboard/mixer/8-track or whatever.
Behringer gmx212. I played all day today at home with. Sounded great