So I got a CI 1 Steinberg USB interface for Christmas that comes with Sequel LE and Wavelab. It works fine with my guitar; I can plug it in directly, I can plug it in through an amp, but for some reason it just doesn't work with my bass. When I put it in through my bass amp (a peavy minx 110) it doesn't work (i'm using the headphones jack) even though the jack works just fine for headphones. I get some noise but it doesn't really correlate to what I'm playing. And when i plug in directly i get the notes but it's really crappy because it's a bass and there's no amplification. Any ideas what's going on?

Also what do you guys think of Sequel LE? It just seems not user-friendly to me. I've just been using Audacity with it.

So, guitar straight in is not an issue. Guitar into amp into C1 is not an issue. So the problem is not the C1, apparently.

Are you using the headphone jack from the guitar amp to go into the C1 or something else?

Now... bass....

Does the amp have a line out or a DI out jack? If so, have you tried that?

What do you mean that "it doesn't really correlate to what you're playing?"

Bass straight in should sound okay. It will sound "flat", but some beef can be added later by using some EQ and compression. The best bass tones I have ever recorded have been direct. (although with a SansAmp, but still.. direct.)

Can you post a clip?

As far as Sequel goes, I've not used it. We bought our nephew a starter package for recording for Christmas though, and we looked at the C1, but having looked at Sequel, I didn't get a great vibe from it - or at least not as much as I did from Cubase AI, so we got him an interface that came with AI.

Now, it was more the features and workflow rather than the user-friendliness that steered me away from Sequel. It seemed more of a "recreation" program more than a "work" program for composing, which is what my nephew was interested in.

Audio software generally requires a huge learning curve. There is SO much to it that it is hard to have that many tools and that many features and still have it to be "user friendly" to a person who doesn't have experience with audio recording/sequencing programs already.

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As far as the guitar goes, yes I'm using the headphones jack, though it says "headphones/recordingout."
As far as the bass goes, the amp has an output that says "patch" but that also doesn't work. And by "not correlate" I mean there's clicks and noise but it they don't happen when I hit notes.
I've tinkered with the bass plugged right into the CI with no amp, and maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it seems like I have to crank everything up (the bass itself, the interface unit, the program) to get any noise out of it, which makes it sort of distorted. I can't give you a clip because, to add to the weirdness, Sequel does not pick up the bass at all and I can't upload Audacity files on this site.
It is because of impedance.

The headphone output is designed to force speakers inyour headphones to move - therefore the signal has particular qualities (level, impedance) designed to work with headphones and drive their speakers.

The CI1 needs a different level or input, in terms of 'volume' and also impedance.

You should get a DI box and use that - or plug the bass straight into the CI1 and hit the 'Hi Z' switch (Hi Z means High Impedance - which is what your bass gives the CI1 when plugged in directly). I know it sounds crap but once you have recorded it you can use ampsim or whatever to make it sound more 'real'. The sound from a headphone jack is not really going to be better, trust me.

Or, try getting a POD for bass or some other amp emulator front-end for recording. Although in my opinion, a DI box is the best solution as you can pull awesome bass sounds with software and a cleanly recorded signal from a DI.
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I dunno... I can record stuff direct without a DI box just fine. The C1 interface isn't going to be any pickier than anything else, I wouldn't expect.

Particularly if the guitar is fine and not presenting any issues with the same method.

Does the bass have active pickups? Maybe the battery is dead?

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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Chris is the king of relating music things to other objects in real life.
No, the bass has active pickups but it's working just fine. Could the amps have different types of outputs? The bass amp just says "phones" on the output, whereas the guitar amp says "recordingout/phones"--just an idea?