Great job! Sounds great! Only bad thing is the drums that doesn't sound realistic but the guitars sound great, bravo! How did you get to record them that good? I'm having a serious problem with recording the guitar, I tried recording using microphones, it was bad. Then I tried line6, the result is better but yet...no good....
Thanks for the feedback. I used a line 6 Ux1 and Pod Farm 2 for all of my guitar and bass sounds. The presets I used are actually on their website. I can let anyone know what they are if anyone's interested.

Thanks again!!!
yeah ill agree the tone, both the cleaner for the intro and the heavier when it all kicks in is really quite good. your playing is tight though and thats what really counts, you do the tone justice. do you ever play around with this to put your own new spin on it? i only say that because clearly you have this thing nailed down to the point where some real solid vocals on it would make it sound almost just like the original which is impressive in its own right but it also means you could probably come up with something fresh for it too. just something to consider in the future.

want to give my latest cover a listen?
Thanks for the input jmako. I will definitely get more innovative and freer with my covers in the future. This is treading the water, but I need to put more of my own stamp on it. Thanks for checking it out.

And check your thread, I liked your cover a lot.