Hey all. For those who have heard the song "Avenida Revolucion" from Chickenfoot's first album, what technique and scale/arpeggio is Satriani using for the very first notes we hear? I am talking about the first 4 seconds of the song, before the guitar starts overlapping itself.
Sounds like sweep picking, but I don't know, I never heard Satriani playing sweep that fast
He is kind of sweep picking, i think it's the top 5 strings, but he's just barring one fret, and sweeping back and forward. Then he slides the barred finger up the fretboard while continuing to sweep.

I don't think he's playing set notes, it's more of a technique.
When I tried to learn it I tried to figure out the exact notes, then realised it's just about the sound, and not precise notes.

Hope that helps.