That finish is pretty.
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I had one and I tried 2 straight from the factory at a local shop. All three had horrible fret work. My old first act strat copy had better fretwork on it and sadly hotter pickups.

The white with black binding look amazing in person but in my opinion a Agiles, Xaviere or Epiphone studio is better.
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That dude in my avatar plays one. (Nick Hipa from As I Lay Dying). So I'm really looking at getting this. Obviously I'll check it out first. Thanks for the input everyone.
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i have a 300. they are pretty good guitars

I have a 300. I think they're pretty bad. 8" radius is a turn off for me. Obnoxiously light, if that makes sense.

Decent fretwork but the neck is tiny. Mines just collecting dust.
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