Hey, folks. I'm looking at the digitech synth wah, looking to see what the consensus on it is. I do plan to try one before I buy, but feedback is always appreciated, since sometimes one or two demo sessions in the store isn't enough to get the ins and outs.

pros, cons, cool things it can do, favorite settings and what they sound like, sound bytes/demo videos..... any and all are appreciated.
I have the bass model. I'd never consider using it as a wah, but it makes some pretty cool noises.
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Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
Well I use a wah as a wah. More interested in the Synth tones, honestly. I love the tone of synthesizers, but always wish I could play them as well as I play guitar. I also think the phrasing of a guitar would be interesting with that tone.
Try it before you buy it for sure. It does some stuff really well, but for the time that I had it, I could never use it.
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