Hi from Bitterroot Valley Montana,

I'm running an Orange Crush 30R Amp and use it for both guitar and computer speaker needs, love the amp. Question is I just got a FS-1, Orange one button footswitch used to toggle the overdrive and the light dosen't work on it to show it is on. The unit changes the sound and works as intended but the light does not work :-( !

There is no battery inside, simple input jack, 6 pin button footswitch and the light. What is wrong and should I return this unit to MFriend?

Side question; I use both my Orange Crush 30R (solid state) and a Reissue Fender 5 watt champ (Tube 12 AX7 & 6V6 GT) for my computer speakers pluged into a 1/8 to 1/4 inch adapter then run to the amp. What are the issues here (Tube vs. Solid)?
I find it suits my needs better then any set of computer speakers I have ever had because of the adjustable (loud) volume levels acheivable and the EQ balancers on the Orange.

Thank you
Yes return the footswitch.

And the issues with your side question is that you could very well destroy your Fender champ, the speakers or both by doing this.
The light is broken. If you care about that return it, if you're only bothered about changing the channels, don't bother.

As for the side question, it should be fine with the Orange, but do not do it with the Fender Champ, it will be very bad for it.
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Thank you to all!

I suspected that the tube amp was different than the SS but still don't know excatly why.

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