I play mostly blues, rock and pop. I'm a loyal Incu-buddy, RHCP, Foo Fighters and STP fan. I know they kick out the jams but I tend to keep it kinda on the mellow side. LOVE Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Clapton/Cream classic blues/rock etc, and definitely dig John Mayer stuff. Totally into groove based jam type songs. Wide variety I know.

The question is, do I need an FX loop? I've never used an FX loop and thus do not really know if it would benefit me or not, how it would effect my sound, or what to put in it.

I know the Fender HRD has an FX loop (feel like an idiot... didn't realize that the preamp out/in was it!) and that's what I've been using for a while, but I've just been going straight into the front end. Since I've got access, I figure it would be more than a great idea to try it before I upgrade. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'll start with plugging the whole series in but I'm not sure if that'd give me the best tone/trial or idea or not...

Pedals I'm using are TS808ri, SD1, Carbon Copy delay, Flashback delay, Phase 90, Cry Baby and a Polytune.

No worries guys, I'm also doing my research too. It is amazing having a whole group of people to bounce things off of as well! Thanks for all of the help guys! Y'all RAWK!
Delays and other modulation in the loop, dirt in front. The phaser can go either - I think it usually sounds better in the loop.
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you generally use the fx loop when you're using your amp's distortion. in this case, think of your amp's lead channel as a pedal, and stick everything you'd put after a distortion box in the fx loop.