Can you guys help me by suggesting a reverb pedal? I'm looking to get that squishy plate reverb heard on Van Halen 1.
TC Electric Hall of Fame is widely suggested. Tone prints are awesome. If you have iPhone/Android, the app only expands its usefulness. I'd definitely start there if you haven't tried it. I don't have the HoF, but I do have a couple others by them and they are awesome! http://www.tcelectronic.com/hall-of-fame.asp

Also look into the RV7 and Hardwire (don't remember the name) and Holy Grail. I'm not sure how close these will get you, but you'll ultimately have to try them anyway. I asked about reverb pedals a while ago and those were pretty much the answers I got and answers I've seen for other reverb threads.

I haven't used it myself, but it is definitely on my wish list (bc its expensive...) but I'm pretty sure the Strymon Blue Sky can do ANY reverb sound you can possibly imagine and then some! Its amazing! http://www.strymon.net/products/bluesky/

Hope all this helps!
The Strymon is fantastic, comes really recommended.

I'm selling mine, PM me if you're interested
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I wasn't aware of what toneprint actually was. That's some pretty cool stuff they've develop at TC.

The strymon sounds amazing!

Thanks for the suggestions.