Don't tease me about multi-effects, I'm a silly and stuff don't tease me :<

I can't exactly afford Axe FX, and I'm pretty torn about these two pedals. I'm looking for functionality, variety, and of course, tone. Well, the best tone that a multi-effect will offer. For the material I'm playing, I'll want access to things like a harmonizer, an envelope filter, and of course the general phaser/chorus and all that business.

Versatile expression pedal selections such as warping clean into distortion and changing effect parameters are necessary, but for something like a multi-effect, I assume they all pretty much come with it.

I'll also need some pretty versatile EQ warping, just to model my tone.

And of course, if there's a better multi-effect pedal under or at a $500-$700 price range, let me know if you would, thanks U-G! I can't trust my friends and bandmates, so I'll ask you guys.


My current setup by the way, is the Digitech GNX4. I'm playing through giant Mackie Monitors, going direct in. I can't afford an amp just yet, but lets pretend I have the most compatible amp with the pedal you'd suggest to me. Thanks a bunch. <:
GT has better sounding FX, but the HD has much better sounding amp modeling.

If you need the amp sims, you kind of have to go with the HD. Not saying that the HD has bad FX, it doesn't, just that the GTs are a little better.
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I'm pretty sure the HD has all the effects of the M13, plus all the amp models?

I know the XT and X3 were second in line to the GT10 for effects, but if the HD has the same effect models as the M13, it should have the GT10 beat on all fronts. I haven't played one though, but I was never really impressed with the Boss GT/ME series to begin with
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It leaves me really torn if one has better effects, and the other has better amp modeling.

I mean, I've spent a good hour and a half with my Digitech combining amps and I still get pretty weak sounds. If the HD gives me easier access to tones, I'm all for it, but if the GT-10's amp modeling really isn't -that- much worse than the HD, and the effects are actually -that- much better, I'd prefer the GT-10. I'll definitely need to give them a try, these online soundfiles aren't doing anything for me. But giving them a try isn't spending an hour or two with them to model my sound or get comfortable with them. So I guess that's why I asked
Go with better FX if you'll be getting an amp anyway. That way you don't have to change your set up twice. Personally, I'm done with digitech... they're good but there's def better. I like the M13 idea. Haven't used it (stompbox guy) but I'd start with that if I were to do multi. But that's just me.
Pod all the way. You can get some really good fx on it, and can hook it up to the pc to programme it making it easier to do
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The Pod HDs poop over the Boss GTs in terms of sound quality (whether amp models or FX) IMO.

The COSM technology in the Boss multiFX have not been updated significantly and is pretty old. The only reason you'd ever choose a GT over a Pod HD (other than liking the sound), is because you can't find a Pod HD.

Try them both, pick the one you like. Personally I find the GT amp sims in the GT-10 sound only better than the amp sims in the 10 year old Gt-3 by a hair's breath - its very digitized and "stiff".
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Thank you everyone, I think I'm pretty set on the HD. If I'm not satisfied with an effect or two, I can invest in another, separate pedal. Thank you again everybody. <: