Whats up UG! - I'm looking to get a new delay pedal and i have to decide between a line 6 dl4 and the dd-20......They seem pretty similar in features,
but What's your opinion on the two?
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I'd personally much rather have the DD-20 for the price. Looks like you can do a lot more with it.
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i was wondering when i would see this thread pop up!....

ok, so its like this

a good friend of mine bought the dl4, he loves it, i messed around with it and i don't know it just wasn't my thing, so i got the giga delay, and i love it. tthey really are very similar when you get right down to it, there are only a few features that are different but here are some things that i like about the giga delay. you can operate it without it being engaged, and i like the 4 bank preset, i think the dl4 only has 3 (semantics). but i've also heard from a lot of people who work at guitar center and just people who've been in the biz for so long, the dl4 breaks...a lot! my friend has had to fix his pedal twice, luckily he figured out how to do it himself, but that seemes to be a big difference between the two, thdl4 straight up breaks.

i vote giga delay...

Get a Line 6 DL4 and enjoy it. Then when it breaks, send it over to JHS to get the switches completely replaced for $55...or get it completely overhauled with their hifi mod, external tap tempo, and expression knob (like an expression pedal in a knob) added all for $199 (not bad when you consider how long it will last before it breaks).
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