I really like the dark, moody jazz you can find in those 1950's noir films.
Something like Mile's Davis' "Generique" in Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud-

and especially Bohren & der Club of Gore's "Destroying Angels."

Ideally, something with that light drumming, sinister bass, and a sultry sax or broody trumpet or maybe a melancholic piano... something along those lines. Heh, I apologize if I'm being picky, but that's what I'd like to hear more of. Something to listen to walking the neon lit streets after dark alone with a cigarette, contemplating life. If ya know what I mean.
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blue in green by miles ...several cuts from kind of blue would work i think ...thanks to bill evens

soundtrack from last tango in paris...has some heat but its very inner mood dark and sensuous

good bye porkpie hat...its almost a slow new orleans funeral march..which in part was mingus' intent