does any know anything about the roland cube amps? how do they
stack up against other medelling amps; peavy, line 6, etc.
just looking for a good practice amp, around 300 bucks, for metal.
the cube caught my interest a lil and just lookin for your thoughts...
Roland cube sounds really good for a practice amp when it's set to brit combo with maxed out gain. Not sure how good it is against a 15 watt vypyr though.
gear- esp viper 1000, gibson sg special faded
budget- arounnd 300, more or less
lookin for new, i got guitar center store credit
genre- thrash, metal. pantera, megadeth, exodus
las vegas, nv
practice for home, and jamming with friends sometimes
well i recently got a vypyr 60 tube, but im having second thoughts. its alright and everything, but idk im not feelin it that much. starting to look like alot of crap i dont need on it, and a real pain in the ass to get what i want out of it.
i dont really want alot of bells and whistle cause in theory it looks cool, i only need a few things out of it, some good thrash sound, couple effects, not much else
I'd test out a microcube at guitar center, I'm sure they might have one. It's not going to sound like a rectifier or anything though. Also if you do test it out the R-fier (highest amp setting next to mic) doesn't really sound good to me, the brit combo (middle setting) sounds really decent on maxed gain.
I have a 30x for practicing, sounds great for the price!
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I too am a big Cube fan. I own 3 of them! It was always my understanding/opinion that the Vypyr was the better amp for metal though. As others have suggested, go try out a Cube and see what you think before you buy one - unless GC have a good returns policy. The best thing about the Cube is the simple 'interface' so if the Vypyr is annoying you for having too many controls etc then you will most certainly prefer the Cube.
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I've got the 40xl........great, been using it for a year for worship->as I lay dying. No regrets. You can get a Good sound out of every model, u just need to tweak it right. (not really sure if the EXTREME is very necessary on it......)
The clean channel on cubes is great.
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Don't like the vypyr 60?

Sell it and get a 6505.

Nothing more straight up, one trick pony, metal than that amp
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Sanpera pedal for your Vyper 60? Then you can just set up patches and not have to stuff around.
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Quote by Cathbard
Sanpera pedal for your Vyper 60? Then you can just set up patches and not have to stuff around.

I think he just wants something more straight up.

While I like the sanpera + Vypyr 60 > 6505 112, he might be better off just getting the 6505.

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i actually prefered the cube over the vypyr.
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i actually agree with the 6505 thing, but again im just lookin for a practice amp thats worth it, that around 300 bucks. i dont need a perfect amp thats 800 bucks or whatever, ya know just for my room and practicing. right now its pretty much the roland or the vypyr. i have the vypyr but thinkin bout returning it, cause it doesnt seem worth the 450 dollars, and ya just want somethin more simple and reasonable.