::: Club Merano - "High Road" album release :::

Club Merano’s debut album "High Road" is available now in CD and download (Exogenic Music Group).
Club Merano is a group of seven musicians from Helsinki, Finland. It´s formed by Harri Väyrynen a.k.a Harpov (known from bands Accu and Heads & Bodies) and his son Sebastian Bisso Mifflin.

Club Merano’s fresh mixture of progressive rock, psychedelic pop, oriental music, folk and cinematic landscapes is served with a certain twinkle in the eye.

The album has already gained glowing reviews. The biggest finnish monthly music magazine Soundi writes: "Club Merano's debut album sounds like real work of love. A brilliant hippie pop spectacle" (Pekka Laine, Soundi 11/11)

Club Merano - High Road
1. Orbit Voyage 3:07 Listen Orbit Voyage mp3 here on Ultimate Guitar
2. Medley 1970 5:30
3. Flame On 5:22
4. Lovers 5:06
5. Days Of Our Lives 4:31
6. Comfort Zone 4:09
7. Sunny Day 4:49
8. Awaiting 3:54
9. Forbidden Dreams 3:44
10. Thamel 5:46
11. Someday 5:41

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::: Reviews:
Soundi Magazine 4 stars
Helsingin Sanomat 4 stars
Desibeli.net 4 stars
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