Hey guys!

I downloaded the GuitarPro Tab of Firewinds "Fire and the Fury"
I´m trying to cover the "calm" Part of the song, the second part.

I´ve got the Boss GT-10 but I`m simply not able to make my guitar sound like in the song.
I think he`s using a wahwah effect, but no matter which one I use, it just doesn`t sound good..

If you can help me, thanks in advantage!

Assuming you're on about the bit starting from 3:10-ish, I'm afraid you probably just need to practise with your wah - particularly learning when to **** it back and when to push it forward. In this section he's not rocking it back and forth very fast at all, it's pretty slow and mainly expressive ornaments on notes tbh.

Also, don't forget that a big part of his lead sound is adding a fairly quick delay with a few, quickly-fading repeats (something I use on my leads too) - it's a fairly common trick in metal, though Gus seems to use it stronger/more audibly than most people, with the volume of the delay fairly high. That combined with the wah at the right speed should bring you closer to the swirling wah sound I think you're after.

P.S You're kinda lucky with the choice of song artist - I'm a long-term Firewind fan (though not as big on the newest album as the others) so didn't even need to listen to the song to hear the tone in my head Personally I'm not so big on that song, but his lead tone on Into The Fire (particularly the intro solo and the second half of the main solo) is phenomenally ear-pleasing!
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