hi all,

i spent a long time finding this guitar and i've had it a few months and i'm not sure what it is, but we just haven't clicked..

sunburst with white pickguard, maple neck... all original parts, well looked after.

the previous owner had only bought it from a guitar store in london just over a year ago, receipt is in the case.

oh yeh, it has the original hard padded case from fender too.

i'm looking to trade ideally, what do we have on offer?

based: london area, uk
What do you have in mind? Can you post pics?
I tried out a USA telecaster in my local guitar store and loved it.
I'm not sure what I'd offer though.
yeh i can get pics i'll sort them now..

to be honest i'm a bit unsure, i had been hunting the right tele for a while, had to be in good condition etc and i found it - then just lost the magic i had previous with them
Wow! That looks really sweet. I probably won't be able to get it in the next month or so but if it's still available it'll be high up my list. How much did you pay for it?
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hang on, you're in israel?

I lived in England until last year so I go there all the time on holiday so picking it up wouldn't be a problem
At the moment... Unless you want a crappy little ibanez tbx30r solid state amp and a Dunlop crybaby GCB95... Then no. I don't have gear that I don't need other than that.
I'm really not sure at the moment and I can't make any promises but if I feel it's the right time and it's still available then I'll be sure to jump for it.