ive been trying to get this distortion tone from the solo of this song but i cant fiqure out how.
i know he uses a marshall and a strat. i have a vox and a strat which should be close enough but im sure that theres something else to the tone... a pedal i think. maybe and MXR Micro Amp? what about light chorus? please help.

this is the song (the solo starts at 4:37)



also, what pickup position is he using? it seems like the bridge to me but i just want to check.
Sounds more like the neck pup to me. Maybe neck and mid together but definitely not the bridge. Doesn't sound too effected, just a reasonable whack of overdrive, maybe some reverb or a short delay
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The Froosh is all about the pedals. That sounds to me like the neck pickup through the Boss DS-2 into the Major.
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Quote by AeolianSeventh
The Froosh is all about the pedals. That sounds to me like the neck pickup through the Boss DS-2 into the Major.

Ha, the froosh! I'll start calling him that now. It just seems a bit trebly to be the neck but I wasn't sure cos he tends to use it (the neck). As soon as I posted this I thought "oh, he must using his ds-2!
Thanks, BTW, sick song isn't (well thats what you'd expect fri
A Vox is vastly different to a Marshall... Js.
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sounds like it could be the neck pickup of a tele... a strat is a more likely pick though.

as for the tone, it sounds like his marshall major (which is a 200 watt stack. it is absolutely nothing like a vox at all) with an overdrive pedal and maybe a compressor of sorts. otherwise, it doesn't sound too effect-heavy.

depending on the vox you have (im hoping ac 30 or ac 15 here), you could come pretty close. getting the amp set up to the point that it is starting to breakup on its own, then boosting it with a good quality overdrive (i really like the providence stampede), and you should be reasonably close. you may need to add a little compression to give it that smoothness though