Anyone hear of the New Orange?


Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble Controls

12AT7-Driven FX Loop

1 x 16 Ohm and 2 x 8 Ohm Outputs

Switchable Between 15/7 Watts

So yeah...
Rockerverb 100 preamp and tube FX loop....Snott Watt is still better.

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they need to stop with that made in china crap and just start making nothing but or80s again.
Jumping on dat gear sig train.
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I'm getting a little sick of all these Terror amps they're putting out.

Tiny Terror, Dark Terror, Dual Terror and now THIS. When are they going to release the Titan Terror?
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I assume the terrors are small in size because due to the low wattage they dont need to be full size? Its just they look kinda stupid perched ontop of a 4x12, why dont they just make them full size but fill the empty space inside with goodies, like haribo or chocolate coins?
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I love my Tiny Terror. I know its no Thunder or Rockerverb but it still sounds awesome for the price and size. It's perfect for small venues and just jamming in my room. I don't like the fact that its made in China, but it sounds good and was in my price range, thats all I care about. Looks pretty nice with a 1x12 Orange PPC cab. It did look insanely retarded on top of my 4x12 though. Micro amps are the future, so be prepared.