Sounds like a P bass, full tone, hard picking, through some kind of tube amp.
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i would guess lowing the bass, and raising the high-mids. play quite hard and maybe nearer the bridge
Thats Rob Wright...dude slams the Bass. He is a P Bass user. Nutter is right on with the rig IMO.
Quote by Nutter_101
Sounds like a P bass, full tone, hard picking, through some kind of tube amp.

I'll try that. I just don't have a tube amp. Thanks
Aha...reminds me a bit of Jeff Pezzati's tone in Big Black, but that was Alembics through Trace Elliots, at least on Songs about ****ing...not the most affordable tone...
+1 to the sansamp tho, or a VT tech 21, love mine to death, and both do similiar things
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Rob Wright is a personal favorite of mine.

Here's his set up:

-Completely stock MiM P basses. He actually prefers MiM Fenders FOR the MiM pickups.

-3530 300w Marshall solidstate (hybrid?) head, and Marshall 4x12 guitar cabs.

-Rotosound .045-.105 roundwound strings with a pick

-The only effect he uses is an EQ pedal that he'll sometimes use to cut the highs.

That's it!

One of my fave Rob Wright quotes: "you can't fake loud music. loudness has a certain impact; it's got to have a visceral feeling. if it doesn't, you're just lip-syncing to your own music."
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."
humbucker style-P-bass pickups, roundwounds, use a pick, lots of gain and and a full frontal assault style attack.
also, set amp eq- bass 5, low-mid-5, high-mid-7, high- 7-8.5