The intro was nice but I feel it could've had a little more going on. I suggest you fade in w/ the drum track together instead of the guitar first but that's my opinion. I liked the leads you added and the build up that happened in the middle. Nice song overall.
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I like the overall atmosphere, bass could use a little more variation, I like the guitar parts, the chill build up with the delay was, relaxing feeling for lack of a better word, and I mean that in a very good way. Drums felt a little hollow, you may want to try some other samples. There really isn't much "bass" too the track which I think guts the fullness of the sound. I don't know if that was the mix or tones though. All in all really enjoyable song. Look forward to more in the future.
Wow that song had some atmhosphere!

That was what I enjoyed the most about it, it felt so simple yet very epic and I really think it works as a instrumental! It´s very soothing and I like that you have kept it simple, without many instruments and so on It gets a bit repetitive sometimes but I actually like that in this song Some things could be changed like some small variations with the bass and here and there but you get the point!

Solid instrumental song, Some small variations here and there and its great Good job!