Right now i have medium 11-52 strings on my electric guitar, and today i broke my high E(.011) string. I don't have any strings laying around except for a 13 gauge which is normally meant for the second string, would it hurt my guitar neck to put this on as the 1st string? Im not sure how it will affect the tension in the neck.
Lol sure dude it's not gonna fuck up your whole thing.
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Depends... If you have a floating trem, then do not do it! You can, it won't be a massive problem, but I wouldn't recommend it, it will feel wrong if you have 11's on the rest. I'd recommend you live without the high e for a short time, and purchase a whole new set of strings.
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It'll have an odd tension, so bending will feel strange. I did that once, and I had to adjust to one string being much tighter than the other, but by the time I changed strings again I was used to it, so had to readjust again. You can do it, but it's not worth it, really
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yea dont do it, trying to bend on that string, tuned to an E, i mean would it sound good even if you could? save that string, buy a spare E or wait till you change all the strings.

it can be fun working without a high e, i've been there many times. you could take a different approach, solo in different positions, it's all good man
It won't do shit to the neck, go for it broseph.
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Just put the thickest string at the bottom then move everything up. So your string gauge would have increased. Before, guitar strings only came in one gauge. So people took the low E off, replaced the low E with the A, replaced the A with the D and so on. Then, they got a banjo string and used that for the high E.