I used to be able to record my guitar on GarageBand with a simple instrument cable/3.5mm male end that I would plug directly into the Line-In on my Mac. That was until I lost the cable...

But I went out and bought a dual end 3.5mm male cable and an adapter for an instrument cable last night. This would be very useful so I can go straight from the line-out on my amp to the line-in on my computer.

But I can only get GarageBand to pick up sounds from my internal mic on my Mac. I went to System Preferences and changed the audio inputs and I did the same in the Preferences window of GarageBand. I just can't seem to get the computer to recognize my guitar.

I'm not sure if anyone knows much about GarageBand, but any help is appreciated.

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have you tried changing drivers?
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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that. If by the software you mean, I don't have the newest version and I'd really prefer to not have to pay for that. If by hardware you mean, I can't change any hardware in the computer (you can't open up an iMac).
Fender Strat Standard
Fender Super Champ XD (reissue)

Not a driver issue (Macs come with the required drivers for all standard Apple programs and update automatically if you upgrade OS); cable you're using is probably a dud or the wrong connection. With one end attached to the guitar, unplug the computer end and restart the Mac. Then when the startup has finished, reinsert the cable, open system preferences > sound and change the audio device to line in (assuming it lets you).

Now open Garageband, go into preferences and set the same input device in the audio subsection.

This should be all you need to do. If it doesn't show up still, you need to get the correct cable, or better yet a proper way of connecting to the mac (a cheap guitar -> usb cable really doesn't cost much) which is less likely to sound like anal discharge.
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