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The guitar was very good. Keep working on your singing, you're geting better!

Thanks man I appreciate that !
your sense of timing on this one is way stronger than on "dammit", did you do anything different? And not that it was bad on "dammit" it's just better here. As dynamiteRabbit said, keep working on your singing however it is improving!
i'm not familiar with the arctic monkeys so i dont if thats how the vocals sound, but it sounds a bit out of tune. i know it could be tough playing and singing at the same time, but it didnt look like you had too much trouble with the playing portion of it.

i would suggest you practice actively listening and using the chord tones as a reference while you sing along. usually one of the notes of the background chord will be same as the one being sung, so listen for it and try to match it.

im not a singer, but when i took a choir class in college, a tip that i learned was to not be afraid to project your voice more, its easier to control the intonation while more air moves out of your mouth, rather than kinda keeping it restrained and circulating in your mouth (if that makes any sense?) hope that helps.
jpaolilli : thanks, i'm glad some improvement is noticed.

drunken ninja : thanks for the advice, will put it into play.

Czily: yes indeed your right, my singing is a lot like talking here--infact I notice after watching it again that in certain parts I'll go from talking-to light singing and fluctuate between the two throughout the whole piece, which I don't really like and wasn't aware I was even doing that. I'm a big fan of talk-singing though, anyway thanks for your comment.

IommiPage : your correct, and thank you lol.