Poll: Where do you keep your guitar?
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Guitar case
73 45%
On a stand
83 51%
On a wall stand
41 25%
Laying around wherever
57 35%
Voters: 164.
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This kind of sounds like a stupid question, but where do you keep your guitar?

I usually have mine on stands, but I noticed that they collect dust even if I play them every day. The dust annoys the hell out of me, so It go me thinking that maybe it's better to keep them in their cases?

I'm curious what everyone thinks of this.
In their br00tal cases
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I have two, one on the wall and one on a stand.

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I keep my main guitar in its case and my backup on a stand.
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I have seven of my nine guitars (eight electrics) on stands, one I lean against the wall (I've pretty much stopped playing it since it's a Squier) and then I keep my classical guitar in a case.
I have 4 guitars and 1 stand.
My acoustic usually takes the stand, one electric in a case in the corner, the other out of case either on my sofa or in another corner.
I want to get some wall mounts, but since I'm going to Uni I'll probably get a hard case.

EDIT: My maths has failed me tonight. The other is in it's case also, in another room because I haven't strung it in about a year.
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Didn't catch the poll was multiple choice, but one guitar on a wall stand and the other in a case. Voted case on the poll.
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Two electrics, one acoustic and a bass on the wall, one electric on a stand, classical leaning on my desk because there are moments where a guitar is needed within four seconds.
I leave the one I use regualrly lying around wherever. Sometimes someone puts it in a case and then I have to go through all the effort of taking it out again.
The rest of them are in cases on stands or balancing on the ones in cases on stands

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I've got 4 in England and I have no idea how they are .. 2 in Australia in some random persons closet .. and a shitty acoustic Ibanez around here somewhere, wherever I dropped it last. We have a love/hate relationship.
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they're all in their cases, nice and safe
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I've got four electrics, two acoustics, and a bass. Two of my main electrics (I play both all the time) are on stands right next to my recording desk and amp. One electric is disassembled in my garage. The other is currently being painted like Van Halens yellow and black guitar but will not be anything more than a wall decoration. My acoustics lean in the corner. My bass is in my closet because I only use it when recording.
I have 3 guitars, all of which have their own cases (The Strat knockoff has a gigbag) and they all have their own locking wall hangers...and I have a floor stand as well
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Depends on the day and where I'm living at the time. When I was with my parents, everything was always on a stand, but lately between dorming and apartments they're in their cases or wherever they land.
Inside a hard case, that way it doesn't accumulate dust and remains well in tune.
cases for fender and yairi.
rest on a multi stand.
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At the moment they're on a 5 guitar Warwick rockstand. I've also got a couple of Hercules wall hangers, but they're not up at the moment.
I have a few, my main two electrics I keep on wall stands, my main acoustic I keep in a case and my two nylon strings I keep laying around wherever.
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I put my electric guitar in a hard-shell case specifically designed for it's shape and I keep my acoustic in a padded bag.

My go to guitars are usually on a stand unless I don't foresee playing them for a while, otherwise, all others are in cases and/or gigbags
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Out of 6, 1 in in a hard case, 3 are in gig bags, one is on a stand, and the other is broken and in my friend's closet.
A corner of my room has been turned into an enclave of cases, usually with one instrument that i feel like playing left sitting out.
My tele lives in it's hard case, coming out for gigs and recordings, the occasional mess around or writing.

Ibanez sits on a stand in my room, takes most of the fiddling, and comes out to band rehearsals.

My westfield strat copy lies dormant in my wardrobe, wishing I wanted to play something in drop C.
My SG stays in its case in my closet, next to my acoustic in its case. My beat up guitars are all on stands however.
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One on a stand or my bed (unless I'm sleeping) and one's on the floor laying on it's case since the input jack is broke and I"m too cba to fix it.
Laying around wherever. My guitars are not objects that I worship. They are tools that I use to create music. I keep them near me so I can pick it up and play/sing/write stuff. I don't find a guitar as an object interesting if I can't play it. I don't worship a guitar because it's a guitar.

Got 5 guitars in total.

1 in the band room/rehearsal hall/whatever
3 in my apartment wherever there's space
1 at my parent's summer place for when I'm there. Although that one is my dad's but he never touches it.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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On a throne with a crown and a loudspeaker attached to it so everybody knows I play guitar.
But really, it's usually leant against my tower of clothes.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
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everything that you've come to expect

Wall mount for both, clean regularly anyway..voted wall mount.
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