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After I get a more suitable amp and when I find one I want and have the money, generally.
When your playing and ear has developed to a level where your current gear is no longer sufficient.
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Quote by Somekid94
After I get a more suitable amp and when I find one I want and have the money, generally.

I've got a great guitar at the moment and everything else in my rig is perfect but my heart screams at me to get a telecaster,whereas my brain is saying no. Does this happen to you?
When you think it's the time.

BTW you might as well buy the guitar of your most expensive dreams after a year of playing, if you're certain you will stick with the hobby.
Probably a long time, since there are other things I need, such as paying for tuition, saving up to pay off student loans, a new amp, another keyboard, a pedal steel guitar, a Dobro, a mandolin, an upright bass, etc. Those kind of all take priority for now.
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After I buy a hella lot of pedals.

Aww,man I really want a frantone cream puff
So basically you get the guitar you want once you can afford it and justify it in some way?
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So basically you get the guitar you want once you can afford it

And that's it.
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THere's always something to buy, which can be fun but will always suck. I need an acoustic guitar, I want a resonator, and I want an actual Gibson Les Paul. I also want a maple-body guitar with an Ebony fretboard, but it's generally hard to find a solid body maple electric guitar so you have to build it yourself or Warmoth.
I used to have a squier but I lent it to a friend and yeah
Then I got a takamine g series, very lovely, and then I got a Texas special strat. I think I'm good for quite a long time, what I really need is a new amp
I'm doing okay with what I have now, so there are other things to save up for first. The guitar I know I want, and will be happy with costs nearly a grand so it'll have to wait until I have that much comfortably laid aside.
I have a horrible feeling I'll spend some of my student loan on it though.
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I would like to get a decent amp before another guitar. So around three years.

Three years? Man, I hope it's worth it
I'm picking up a 1985 Kramer focus 3000 on mondY that's got a SD screamin' Demon in the bridge and an air norton S in the neck. It's in candy apple red, comes with a hard case too, and is in excellent condition (including the original Floyd rose).

Oh yeah, I got it for $175
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As soon as I get off my ass and order all of the pieces that I want and put it together.
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I realy need a new amp first.
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I haven't bought a guitar in 4 years. /superseriousguitarplayer

I'm buying a banjo next so screw the guitar.
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A few years. Maybe three. I've got two really great and versatile guitars and don't really need another one. The only other one I want is a hell of a lot of money and I can't justify it yet. I don't think I'm ever going to need a new amp either.
I've been wanting to get a 7 string for over a year now, but I'm in basically the same spot as when I decided I wanted one lol..

I needed these: Home studio ftw!
DAW (Pro Tools 10)
Plugins (Superior Drummer, Waves Mercury)
Interface (Avid Mbox Mini)
Mic (Shure SM57)
Monitors (KRK Rokit 6's)
Tuner (Ibanez LU20)

And I still need:
New amp (Axe-fx, Powerball, Triple Rectifier)
RAM and HD upgrades (for my 13" Macbook Pro) / New Macbook Pro/ iMac..

Then, I can finally get a 7.. I love my 6 but nothing I listen to or write can be played easily on it.

The guitar I just bought is no doubt the last one I'll need. My amp is solid too, but if I ever do invest again it'll probably be a different head or maybe like a 12 string or something.
We'll see what my bank account looks like after the next 2 semesters of college.
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We'll see what my bank account looks like after the next 2 semesters of college.

Also this.. I feel your pain, dude...

I already got a really good electric guitar and an acoustic guitar, so I won't be in need of a new one in a long time.
I have an Ibanez SA, and an American Standard Tele, an Ibanez Bass, Access to 3 acoustics (Lag, Crafter and Tanglewood) and a strat copy tuned to C. I think I'm good for now. The Ibby has a humbucker in the bridge, but I guess I wouldn't mind having a dual bucking guitar. Maybe if I come into a load of money in the near future I might pick up a humbucking Tele, but for the forseeable, I am good for guitars.

what I really need is to grow balls and buy a tube amp.
And get a band together.
I'm super happy with my electric stuck in drop D but it'd be nice to have something (other than that Yamaha I have) for another tuning. Also, I want an acoustic...
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It'll be a while. My current guitar is already pretty high end.
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When I find one that I want to buy and can afford it.

The trick is having them both happen at the same time.

I don't have very expensive taste in guitars... I like going on craigslist and finding some weirdo guitar from the 70s or 80s that nobody will recognize.
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When I get tired of my epiphone i buy gibson. When i get tired of my Lag i buy PRS...
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