Another song.
Been working for some time on the mix, came out pretty well. Few solo's here and there. My writing isn't at it's best. But oh well..


Please comment, rate, like, whatever.
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To be honest the riffs, before it picked up got a little monotonous for me. The solos shred throughout the whole song, mix was well put together. Maybe drop the kick volume a little bit and pull the bass out more, that's more a personal taste thing though. Love the bass closing it too, and I also need 100 bucks haha
Sweet solos all through the song. I really enjoyed the little harmonic run and was disappointed when that didn't turn out to be a dual solo. A little slow going at first. would have liked to see it go into the fast part sooner. I thought there was a nice a variation of soloing techniques through out. I like the bass drum having a big punch like that. I thought that was good. I would like to hear the bass guitar more, as well. Ending was sweet.

comment me?

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Opening riff is good. Lead part that comes after that is nice. In terms of the mix, I'd say the rhythm guitar is a little too boomy, and it's also obscuring the bass. Good production apart from that though. Cool change of pace at 1:36 and again a really good solo. Yeah just lots of good riffing and lead in this song, classic thrash really. Good stuff!