So I'm selling highly modded Boss DS-1, I just don't use it as much as I wanted to, so I figured I'd sell it to fund some of my other pedal builds. The mods I did to it are very extensive, almost a complete overhaul of the pedal, almost all caps were changed for very high quality electrolytic or film caps, most resistors changed to metal film to reduce noise, and some values changed to reduce the fizz.

Some other nice parts I added were germanium 1N34A germanium clipping diodes, gives the pedal a nicer tuby feel.

I've built this pedal to have a very tight, responsive low end, and a growling midrange, cause I like my midrange, and dislike the famous Boss DS-1 scoop. I've also made the tone control more usable, I typically have it at 12 oclock now for some tighter 80s metal tones. The gain is also more usable, at the lowest setting it gives a nice crunch, instead of sounding all flubby and fizzy.

I'm hoping to get about $60 for the pedal, I'll ship to the UK and Europe. PM for details and pics.