i produce electronic music with Cubase.
i finished this dance song and i would like to have its Guitar tabs.
since i don't play guitar very well, is there a way to automatically get the tabs for it?

any software i can use?


This is the song btw, it's quite melodic, not just Boom Tss Boom Tss:
Hey Yoko Ono - Music Video
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I assume there is some kind of melody in there somewhere, so you should be able to take that (since you made it) and play it on guitar. I can't see you taking an electronic dance song and condensing it to guitar.
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i can play guitar from "the ear",
don't know the name of the chords I'm playing.

i want to make an unplugged version for my dance track someday and thought it could be nice to have a software doing the tabs for me.

so apparently there is non...