1st off not my genre of interest so take everything i say with a grain of salt! =)

1st thing is i would bring up the levels on the guitar a little more and maybe double it to get a little stereo effect goin on. Then on the vocals cut WAYYYY back on the reverb. Wayy too much in my opinion. Im not a singer so im not sure what advice to give but at 2:02ish it really sounds like your either off key a bit or just not "feeling it" or something. Its lacking something right there but im having a hard time explaining it.

Overal its really cool and a great show of your talent.
Thanks! I appreciate your effort to listen even if it's not your style. Yup, at 2:02 I definitely hit a wrong note, can't lie about that! The mixing is pretty terrible, I was just really using the tune as a showcase of what I could do with my laptop and a mic. For better mixing and just overall better work, check the link in my sig. Thanks for listening anyways, it's a pleasure that I was able to at least provide some entertainment!
I haven't heard the original. The recording sounds a little lo-fi to me but I like that because I'm a fan of lo-fi recordings. I like the vocal tone it fits the overall mood of the recording.
I'm also not too familiar with Kings of Leon, but I really liked this cover. Only thing I'd have to say is maybe bring the guitar up front a tad more. Otherwise, you've got a good voice, it really fits the style of the song.
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