I have a Charvel model 4.
Made in Japan, 86.
I love this guitar to death, and honestly it's the best one I've ever had.
It has a USA Kahler I modified as a fixed bridge, and I converted the electronics to passive, with a dImarzio megadrive in the bridge.
But the stock singles in the neck and middle are very weak.
I got a crazy idea.
I know what i'm doing, and i've done it before, should I:
Route out the neck pocket for a humbucker?
I have a really nice zebra Fattone pickup that'd balance out with the dimarzio...
And then I could add a 3 way toggle switch, for the neck and bridge pickups, master tone, master volume, and the 3 toggles already on it, I could make individual coil taps for the neck and bridge, and an on/off switch for the middle pickup, because i rarely use that one.
Is it worth the effort?
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Never ask if its worth it as that can only be answered by you. If you think you would like it better that way then go for it, personally that sounds like something I would do to almost any guitar without a neck humbucker. lol
I would recommend against it. Not only would it ruin any value the guitar has, but it will be really expensive to do. There are tons of single coil sized humbuckers these days so there is really no reason to re-rout the guitar just to but a full size humbucker in.
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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It wouldn't cost a thing, but patience.
I've done this before with other guitars, I'd be using a dremmel, very carefully.
And that's the thing, the neck and middle pickups are single sized stacked humbuckers.
They're just too weak compared to the dimarzio, and honestly only sound good for blues at best, to me anyway.
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Just try some new pickups before you start cutting on the guitar. Just because those sound weak doesn't mean that others do. It could even be a wiring problem - a bad cold solder joint - that is making them sound weak. Stacked single coils are no joke dude, they can put out some serious output. Hell, Paul Gilbert uses stacked single coils and he's pretty damn heavy.
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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I'm too old for the Jim Morrison look now. When I was gigging I had a fine arse.
Since it sounds like you would never part with it, resale value is not important. You might love it even more with some cutting! I have a Charvel 5, and I wouldn't cut mine because its great the way it is. But I cut my Epi and really like the result, and I'm planning on cutting the neck on my no-name sg copy. I would enjoy seeing pictures of what you do.
The stock single coils are J200 jackson stacked hums.
They rely on the active circuitry, so they're somewhat like EMGS, though can be passive, but weak because of that.
I didn't want the active stuff so I converted it to passive, the reason I'd be doing it is to balance out with the high output Megadrive in the bridge.
I can't really put any other type's of singles in it because i'd have to route out the small area on both cavitys for the little lip that the wires come out of.
And I doubt anyone would buy it, because I blocked off the bridge and made a normal truss rod cover in place of the removable locking nut, which, one of the locks were stripped, plus i don't have the whammy bar...
So I guess it'll take some more thinking.
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seymour duncan quarter pound will keep up with the megadrive output and doesn't have the wire lip so will fit right in there ........ tone wise think warren demartini war in D and that is exactly how the duncan sounds....they are how ever single coils so can be a bit noisy when your not playing
i was gonna say stick some rails in but I was beaten by-mintsauce-
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