i'm having a problem with my electric guitar, a jackson kelly. It was working fine but then a little bit later in the day my gutar started to have a loud annoying hum to the point where you can't hear anything else played. any idea of what could be the cause? really frustrated about this
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The guitars ground has come loose, you need to solder it back on to the bridge so the guitar can ground.

pretty much this.

Also, putting some copper shielding underneath the pickguard/pickup routs and the control cavity will help with grounding and EM leakage. Also some anti-conductive paint will work too but can be a bit mess.

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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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Pop the cavity cover off and see if any wires fell off. Take a good look at your input jack as well.

It sounds like you are describing the noise only when you are touching the strings? If that is the case then it is NOT cavity shielding as described earlier. That helps reduce hum when you are not touching a metal part of the guitar.

Does it do it on both pickups?