Not really a style I'm overly fond or familiar with, so I won't bother giving a biased opinion. But man, that riff at 2:57 or so was just so deadly, relistened to that one several times lol
Thanks for the comment on my thread.

This song is a bit heavy for my normal tastes so I'm not sure what constructive criticism I can add, but there are some good riffs in there and the song seems pretty well structured.

It needs some vocals though, I presume you'll be adding those later?
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I'm not a metal guy at all, but there is some really cool riffs in here Would be even better with some vocals I suppose. Nice fat tone on the guitar aswell
Thanks for commenting on my track.

Sago sounds pretty cool, had to listen to it several times. The song has a feeling of some raw demo, which I like. You said my kick was pretty loud, yours is pretty quiet. Could be the speakers.
Some cool riffs you got there. Nice Job
Thanks for the crit on mine.

Nice riffs in the intro. This mix seems to be lacking a little bit of bottom end though. Agree with the guy above, who said the kick was a little quiet. It's noticeable at the blast beat section at 3:40, it's not as heavy as it could be. Playing is tight though. Plenty of variation in the rhythms of the song, I like that. Some vocals would fit nicely over it. Overall, I really like it, has lots of parts, but they fit together well. Good work!
I really like the way this sounds. I'm hearing alot of Mastodon and Old CoB influence, or at least that what I get out of it. I agree with those above, it needs more bottom end and the kick needs alot more "punch" to it. As for your guitar tone, it sounds way too trebly to me. That may be because of the mix or the lack of bottom end, but it could definitely be improved on.

Other than the technical side of the recording itself, the song is pretty awesome. Would benefit greatly from vocals definitely. I'm typing this as I'm listening and each new part is really interesting and your playing is tight.

Keep it up man
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Guitars sound mid scooped to me? They arent "punching through" as i would expect. Maybe its just my monitors but definately sounds like a hard scooped V shaped eq.. Some sweet riffs in their tho. =)
As #Ryioku said, the guitars are far too trebly, to the point they're breaking up in my headphones. With riffs this deadly, you need some mid-range punch and sludge to fatten them out. The bass and drums are mixed well, though. Are the drums programmed by chance? If they are, going in and tweaking the velocity on the notes may add some liveliness to the drums. It's a painstaking process, but it's worth it in the end. Nothing to pick at songwriting-wise, great craft!

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First of all, thanks for the comment. Now, talking about your piece - 1:29 sounds awesome, the atmosphere (guitarists should think of another word, as this one is getting SERIOUSLY overused) is great. Your guitar sounds really full, fat and juicy. The record could be a bit more clean, but aside from that it's cool. Keep up the good work.
Ok first off - tone/mix needs some work. Drums sound really fake.

Sound aside, I am digging the composition. Not a fan of the "grindcore" snare hit on every beat and by not a fan I mean i think you can be more creative and find a more interesting beat than that. Good job attempting to layer the riffs with harmony notes etc, really adds to it. Yea blast beats are not my thing. Leads at the end are great, posibly my favorite part aside from riffing at 2:50.

C4C? -> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1513394
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I'd like the guitars to be clearer at times especially when the drums are exploding. I.e. 3:34. I get it's an eruption but after a couple of seconds I zoned out as it just became like a SHHHH sound. If you're using programmed drums, try humanizing them slightly. The arrangement is wicked though and I think vocals would tie up the song well! Good stuff bud.