I'm posting 2 songs and making 2 threads is absurd right?

OK, the first one is a pop rock type of thing inspired by latin rhythms and the second one is a more standard pop rock thing.

Remember, C4C and I hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: in saborsuda, if you listen to it with RSE, the saxophone seems to be out of synch, but if you listen to it without RSE, it doesn't. Well, or at least for me.
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I only listened to the 2nd one as of yet and one thing that I cannot stress enough. Stop the complete doubling of everything part. The song has some potential, but everything is the same. Let the bass wander at times, I don't think it doesn't anything different (notes and rhythm) from the rhythm guitar. Also, when you repeat some of the chorus parts, let the lead guitar do some chord variations in the upper octave, this will keep you away from the "doubling" and will give the song more flavor, if you will.

Keep it coming though, Get away from Doubling all the time.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1510292
I just started it, so only the one guitar part as of yet.