Here are two Bob Dylan covers I made. The first one is from 10 months ago. The 2nd one is a first take recording done today. I would like some advice on how I can improve my vocals, as I seem to have taught myself all I can up to this point. I practice a lot, its nice to see results, but I am not satisfied and I need to get better. Thanks.

March 2011:

Jan 2012:
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I actually really enjoyed your second cover. But yeah, Bob is kind of an odd choice to practice "singing" because singing isn't quite what he does. If emulating bob is what you're aiming for, I'd say you're on the right track. Just have confidence and don't hold back. Keep it up, bro
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bob dylan is a hard choice if you want to improve your vocals, cause his style is kinda like a 'spoken' singing. he's just telling a story and you can hear him using some sort of melody but then you're not sure if he's singing at all. nonetheless the tones he really sings are very important and not that easy to hear and even harder to emulate.

i wrote that cause you sound like you're not decided whether you want to talk or sing. altough your newer song is much better concerning that.

it also gives me the impression you're insecure which note you have to sing (which would be a typical thing when covering dylan songs). try to really find the actual tone of each syllable. sing it for a moment, memorize it and combine all notes to a melody. then sing parts of the song very slowly, so you have to be sure which tone you wanna sing.

and lastly: sing louder. you sound like you're holding back ( = common vocal beginner thing, don't worry). actually what i should say is: use your chest voice not your throat voice. meaning you shouldn't have a flat chest when singing - but you have when using your throat (which you only do for falsetto or whispering). take a deep breath before singing, relax your upper body. while singing you should not have the feeling that you're sucking in your chest or stomach. avoiding this you have to sing a bit louder and more freely (which is wanted in most cases) but most people fear exactly that .. because others could hear you it seems (:

... your covers are from bob dylan but since your username is lateralus32 chances are this could interest you: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1510300

Thanks for the insightful post, I appreciate it.
Hey dude sounds pretty good! - I think you may want to throw a little bit of a High Pass Filter on the guitar and maybe even a little compression. The dynamics seam to be all over the place but it may be my speakers too. Also, i would compress the shiznet out of those vocals as they are REALLY up and down but they may be the effect your after im not a big bob fan myself =( Also, the reverb sounds a bit wet for my taste. (Not sure if any of that actually helps but hey, its just an opinion). Keep at it and would love to hear some more!
On the right path here! I can sense more confidence in the second one. As people said before, Bob Dylan is a great artist to study for lyrical value in my opinion, singing is a totally different story. He makes what he does work with his music, and I think you do resemble him quite a bit! Keep up the good work and be sure to let me know when you've got new stuff!

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