I've been playing guitar for ~7 years, and my first was an acoustic, but it was a total piece of sh*t.

I really want to get a new acoustic after all this time, but I have no idea what's good in the acoustic world.

I know I don't want a nylon string, but that's about it.

Can anyone here recommend me something for ~$350 Canadian that isn't a real piece of crap??

I won't be performing anything with this, I just want it to jam on at home when I don't feel like playing the electric.

Also, whatup UG forums, haven't been overly active here since 2006!
Crafter makes some inexpensive and pretty solid sounding acoustics, UG also has a thread about buying acoustics and gives price ranges and models that can help point you in the right direction.

But really you have to try out as many as possible in person and just find what you really like and go with it, there are some really cheap guitars out there for under $500-$800 bucks that sound better then some that cost twice as much.
Since you're already in Canada, why not look into what your "homies" (Seagull) have to offer. The Seagull S-6 has a fine reputation; http://www.seagullguitars.com/products6.htm It is a twitch above your stated budget, however, @ perhaps $400.00 (USD).

Perhaps someone could point you a Yamaha model with more features @ the same price point. (It's possible to get something decent with perhaps a cutaway and electronics around your budget).
Seagull's are solid as well, Godins are also Canadian made guitars (I think it's the parent company of Seagull?) I'm planing to get a nylon stringed guitar from them pretty shortly myself. Granted it's going to cost quite a bit more then $350 but it sounded to nice and played to well!
Buy a huss and dalton om-c or dr-h. best handmade guitars for the money
ignoring that huss & dalton recommendation above (they are great guitars, but run thousands), i would agree with Captaincranky - i definitely recommend a seagull. my fave is the original s6 but if you prefer a slender neck, the s6 slim is the same guitar with a thinner nut width. the original s6 is one of the few solid top guitars i've played that really stands up to good quality all solid models.

why not try one and let us know what you think?
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