can anyone tell me the difference between saddles , like what kinds are there and what the sound like , and also my acoustic has an adjustible bridge on it , whats the best height for loose feeling easy bending strings
As to saddles there's this: http://www.lmii.com/CartTwo/thirdproducts.asp?NameProdHeader=Nuts+%26+Saddles Plus the guitar manufacturer's web site. Martin also sells parts, as does Carvin.

The thinnest available acoustic strings are "extra light" sets, sized from .010 to .047.

These really aren't the best idea on large body guitars, such as dreadnaughts and jumbos, as they don't have sufficient energy to drive the soundboards effectively. These instruments should be strung with "acoustic light" sets, (.012 to .053). That gauge isn't particularly bendy, especially for people with small hands.

Most acoustics will tolerate the action being lowered to about .100 (E-6 12th fret) to .090, (E-1), without buzzing.

Trying to get the lowest possible action and lightest strings together on an acoustic tends to adversely affect the sound. But, do what you must.
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