I haven’t cried a tear for you
No show of sorrow baby blue
Not when I confess to you,
Walk a mile in my shoe
When you turn your back,
And find yourself a new Jack,
Forget it girl, I'm gone,
Not coming back, my heart’s gone black

Now it's over and I'm gone,
Trying to move my heart along,
You touching him makes me smile,
Because I know that he will walk the mile
In the end, he won’t smile
No more lies, no more tears
No more issues, no more fears
Time for me to disappear

All I remember is your smile,
Feelin the knife once a while,
Decompose, internal itch
Pressure, screaming, raging, bitch
All the changing, up and down
Sort it out you crazy clown
Eyes closed tight and not a sound
Enter night it’s all around
**** it now, boom-boom-pow
Lights off, start the show
Curtain calls, clapping slow

I can say I tried, can't you tell I never lied,
I was honest, all the time,
Can you know how hard I tried?
I bet you can't, it ain’t a game
But I love you just the same,
I thought you were strong,
****, cheap rhyme, I was wrong
I see you weak and you can't stay
I promise to stay away
Stay away from you each day
Till the light has gone away

Now I'm finding me again,
It’s just me, and a friend
And whatever you tell me,
I won’t believe, I won’t see
I got my music, got my friends
We got our backs until the end
I admit it, I was weak,
The world was grey, colours bleak
But now that I'm more of me,
I can see to eternity
And I know that with time
I can make this world mine
I can do it without you
Watch me make it, I’ll be fine.