I have a Jackson RR24 with a Floyd Rose original. Guitar is properly set up, was working flawlessly 'till yesterday evening.
Suddenly I started hearing a weird humming/buzzing noise when hitting the strings, coming from the springs underneath if I am not mistaking. The harder you hit the strings, the more the buzzing. It's a resonating kind of noise. Could it be that the springs have an "expired" somehow? Or what? I have not done any major modifications to it, last thing I did was just tune it up a bit using fine tuners.

Thanks In Advance,
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I think i once saw that if people put a bit of tape on the springs the buzz should go away but don't quote me on that please. How old is the guitar?
Is it noticeable when playing thru an amp? It's a resonance condition. It probably only happens with certain notes (my wife's snare drum springs vibrate when I play any D note). Resonance is complicated, but basically the mass (weight) of the spring is just right to vibrate at its natural frequency when the guitar is played. Dampening will help. I never heard of the tape trick, but try it. It's easy enough to do. You could try a different spring too, the weight may be different enough to be out of the natural frequency range.
Maybe, but this is pretty nasty. I'll try it ofc.
It is ab 4 years old.
Here's an audio clip of it..
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It is heard both trough the amp and just hitting the guitar when turned off.
It happens on every note and every string, somewhere less, somewhere more, but from what I have noticed it has a lot more to do with attack force then a certain note... :\
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i had a bit of a sock in the back of my guitar at one point. atm i hav a bit of sponge glued inbetween the body and the springs, not so much that it's wedged in there. it's just touching with a little bit of preasure and it dampens any vibrations the springs make. made a massive difference for me

I've done this before with great success. You insert a piece of plastic tubing inside the springs and it absorbs the vibrations, pretty much killing the noise you are hearing.
Pretty clever, I like it... I'll try it.
But one question still remains: Why this happened all of a sudden? I had abs no problem with it since day one, and nothing "major" (didn't fall, didn't set it up, change tuning, strings etc) happened?
Also, if it's spring "fatigue", does that mean that I'll be able to fix it with buying new ones?
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This is normal. Your springs are not worn. Your springs are function like a string, in that they are metallic opjects, vibrating in the magnetic field of your pickups (which is why it is heard through the amplifier). As to why it suddenly appeared, I don't know. My guess is, it's always been there but you're just now noticing it.

It's not a big deal, take off your back plate and put in some type of fabric. You could use a torn shirt, a towel or even some paper tissues. Then put your back plate back on, simples.
Hm, ok, thanks for the info guys. I haven't noticed it at all before, I'm pretty much there was much much less of it at least if any... :\
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