Hey guys,

Ive got a bit of a strange problem here. I have a GK Backline 600 Bass amp, and long story short. My "buddy" thought it would be funny to open it up and unplug all the wires that are just jacked in. A few of em I can deduce easily, but there are a few I don't want to risk.

The schematic I looked up doesn't make sense to me where the transformer connects to the circuit board. The colored wires (to me as a amateur at this) aren't labeled obviously which pin they connect to.

And one last thing. I haven't found a schematic for the preamp and there is a white, a black, and a ribbon with different terminating ends going from the preamp to the power amp board.

I guess to sum this up, my problem is all just plugging wires back to the appropriate pins, and I guess if anyone has a GH BL 600 they could just take a decent picture of the inside of the power amp and the preamp, I could fix my issue.

Any help or directions where to look if you guys don't know would be greatly appreciated.

I can think of a few choice things to do to your "buddy." If you have to, contact GK and tell them what happened. See if they can help.

Ditch your buddy. He ain't no friend.
yeah that buddy would have his ass-kicked
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